Use Your Pipe Trades Experience to Become a Member
of Local 529

Men and women who work in the piping industry for a non-union contractor stand to benefit by becoming a member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 529.

By joining our Local Union, individuals with industry experience will earn top wages, excellent full-family health insurance and great retirement benefits, including a 401k and a pension plan.

We are seeking men and women with experience in the following pipe trades:

  • Commercial licensed plumbers
  • Residential licensed plumbers
  • Pipefitters
  • Welders

Our members proudly and safely work on some of the region’s most exciting and essential projects.

From working on pipelines, industrial facilities and entertainment complexes to building hospitals, schools and office buildings, there is a need for union pipe trades members throughout the Greater Waco area.

Additionally, there is a need for experienced tradesmen and tradeswomen to build, maintain and service residential homes. In short, our jurisdiction has bountiful opportunities for experienced piping industry professionals.

By joining Local 529, those with the skill set to enter the union at a journeyman level will be able to take advantage of our training programs. Members of Local 529 are encouraged to take journeyman upgrade classes to stay on top of the newest industry technologies and improve their overall skillset. Additionally, every few years, a member may be required to take a specific safety training course to either renew an OSHA safety certification or obtain new safety certification.

For those men and women who do not have the experience to join Local 529 as a journeyman, you can become an apprentice and work your way up to becoming a journeyman – all while receiving full benefits and good pay.

There has never been a better time to join the United Association, and today is a good day to take the first step in advancing your career.

If you are interested in Joining Local 529, please call 254-754-3471 or complete the below form to get started: