About Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 529
in Waco

The following Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 529 members proudly serve in the following Local Union leadership capacities:

Business Manager

Clyff Curry
Phone: 254-754-3471
Fax: 254-754-5744
Email: [email protected]


President Jerrell Lewis
Vice President Markum Rawls
Secretary Luke Price
Inside Guard Philip Beaulieubr

Executive Board

Jayme Rigby
Melvin Horton
Juan Pacheco
Zachary Hampton

Finance Committee

Brandon Wayman
Chris Slaughter
Dennis Stokes

We thank these individuals for their dedication and service to Local 529.

Get Involved with the JATC

Do you want to become involved with the Local 529 Waco JATC or want to join our registered apprenticeship program?

If so, please contact Training Director Jayme Rigby at 254-756-1860 or [email protected].

Get Involved with the Local

Local 529 members who want to become more involved with the Local should speak with an Officer to learn more about potential opportunities to serve our organization.

Besides the positions listed, numerous other opportunties are not listed, but require the assistance of our Brothers and Sisters to help move our Local forward.

Local 529 Jurisdiction

Local 529 proudly serves the greater Waco area, which includes a nine-county region between Fort Worth, Austin and Houston.

We are proud to be the premier organization representing the area’s piping industry workforce.

The History of Local 529

For more than a century, the men and women who were members of what is today known as Local 529 have demonstrated the power of collective bargaining.

In exchange for providing signatory contractors with excellent craftsmanship and a hard day’s work, these piping industry members receive excellent wages, good full-family health insurance, great retirement benefits and the ability to work safely on jobsites. Today, this legacy lives on as our Collective Bargaining Agreement allows our members to provide for their families while continuing to provide the region with the best-trained and most highly skilled pipefitters, plumbers and welders in the area.

Local 529 Signatory Contractors

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 529 takes pride in our good working relationship with our signatory contractors.

We are thankful for our contractors, who help fund our JATC. Their dedication to employing a highly skilled and highly trained workforce is second to none. Furthermore, they strongly believe in safety and expect their employees to follow all safety guidelines, ensuring all our members return home safely to their families at the end of each shift.

Local 529 is a proud Southwest Pipe Trades Association (SWPTA) Member

Southwest Pipe Trades Association LogoPlumbers and Pipefitters Local 529 is a proud member of the Southwest Pipe Trades Association (SWPTA). The SWPTA represents the highly skilled and highly trained tradesmen and tradeswomen of the plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC-R, welding and sprinkler fitting industries and signatory contractors in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Established in 1914, the SWPTA was chartered to bring together the pipe trades industry employers and the United Association union members. Together, both groups work to promote and advance the industry by increasing market share, recruiting new members and supporting issues important to the industry. The SWPTA strongly advocates for several issues, including the So-Called “Right to Work,” Prevailing Wage, Workers’ Compensation and the misclassification of workers. The organization also promotes the use of fire sprinkler tax incentives, the importance of investing in water infrastructure and the safe production of energy. The member contractors of the SWPTA are also members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). Besides the national organization, there are also state MCAA groups, such as the MCA of Texas. These organizations work to advance the specific interests of mechanical contractors on a nationwide or state basis. The affiliated unions of the SWPTA, such as Local 529, represent a highly skilled and highly trained workforce. In one of the most dangerous regions for pipe trades professionals, the SWPTA ensures someone is looking out for them, their families and their best interests.

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